Divecop, to answer your questions...

1. No, the metal bars on the shield don't affect me when I ride. I assume you are referring to glare from the sun? If so, it is a non-issue. Also, the bars are below the line of sight, as you want to be looking just over the top of the shield when you ride.

2. I have the stock seat on my bike. I did raise the front of the seat 1" to lessen the feeling of sliding forward and it also positions my tail end a bit better so I don't have so much tail bone pain after riding for a while.

3. Suzuki changed the handlebars when they switched the names from Savage to S40 (I think that happened in 2005.) I personally love the buckhorn style handlebars as opposed to the other style. The bars seem to come right back to my natural riding position and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

4. As far as my highway bars go, they are not Suzuki bars. They are Wingerline bars. The only place I know of you can get them is from a place in Miami, IIRC their name is Accessories International. A quick Google will find their web site for you. It does take a few weeks to get them in, as they are imported from overseas somewhere, but I really like these bars. I plan at some point to put some highway pegs on mine, but you can also throw your legs over the top of the bars and ride comfortably as well.

5. I just rolled over 7,300 on mine today after getting done with a Poker Run. I bought my bike used from a dealer this past February, it had 4300 miles on it when I bought it.