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Thread: What makes a bike "insane"?

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    No bike is "insane" by itself. Many already wrote that.

    If what you mean is "what bike has more potential than most can use, and using all of it on the street would be insane" - well, actually, most modern sportbikes, some sport-tourers (VFR), some semi-standards (SV), etc.

    That said, I see people in white suits surrounding me...

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    Spending the MSRP of the bike a second time on Chrome.

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    a Buell Blast in the hands of a completely inexperienced rider is insane?

    Someone better tell Rider's Edge- that's what they train on.

    I thought it was- rather fun!


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    I'm sorry, but let's face it, Valentino has pretty much proven that he's not human. Any bike meant for him that needs a slipper clutch, electronicly controlled wheelie limiter, and a non-linear fly by wire throttle for him to control it, is INSANE.
    - Tom -

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