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Thread: Hi New Members!

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    Hi New Members!

    To all the new members that have signed up in the past few months, howdy! I've seen several jump out into the community and start firing out questions, comments, and sharing experiences. Just wanted to say thanks! You all are the reason we are here, and you are all part of our community, one that is dedicated to riders around the world; and that is something to be proud of. You've taken a large step towards ensuring your longevity on the road and we're truly glad that you're here.

    Enjoy your time here; our seasoned members are always willing to share their experience with you.
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    Yeah what he said. Seriously, just like he said.
    I never knew why a dog would stick its head out the car window until I took my first ride on a motorcycle.
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    +1 to Greg (would that be +2 to dboogie?)

    I learn just as much from the new members as I do from the 'veterans'. Thank you all for keeping me safe. I'll do the same for you [hangs to fingers out]

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    No, thank you guys. Since last monday when I signed up, Ive already learned valuable lessons that have kept me alot safer. (tire pressure and counter steering) Since I dont know anyone who rides, this board is a valuable resource for me. Im glad this site is here.

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    Well if we can teach just one potential rider something, the site is a success. Good to see that we're hitting home with more than just one.

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    Hello all! My name is Kim and I live and ride in SoCal. I've been riding about 6 months and am always looking for more information! Look forward to meeting all of you on the board.

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    Welcome mherlee! Didnt I see your name on the ninja650 board?
    Glad you found us!
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    You betcha! That one and I hang out at but always like to add more forums to my day. So wonderful that we have a community to share information!

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    Welcome to my other Partner in crime! Missy, Chrystal, Lil_bear and all the others in the ladies forum being in that llist! LOL
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    Shhhhh. No one saw anything so no crimes were committed... Hello all! I look forward to many crim....I mean chats


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