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Thread: 1980 Indian Moped

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    1980 Indian Moped

    hey everyone. just got on the board. i'm primarily into motorcycles, but i have come across an opportunity.

    there's a 1980 Indian Moped available for $150. i did some reading up on it, and its a 50cc. the guy said that it needs tires and a new choke.

    i have no need for it... but i love anything with a motor and two wheels.

    i would like to restore it just to show it off or ride down the block to a friends house. or give it to my girlfriend maybe hehe. i figured people on the scooter boards would be of assistance.

    does anyone have experience with mopeds, or anything even remotely similar to this?

    any help or comments is helpful.

    looks something like that (though, i havent seen it yet, maybe tomorrow)

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    I'd buy it. Restore it. Sell it.

    It is only $150 to start so there is not a lot of money involved.
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