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Thread: Dinosaur tracks

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    Dinosaur tracks

    I just set up a photobucket account. I'm mostly playing with it, but I thought someone might be interested in this. These are genuine dinosaur footprints at Clayton Lake State Park, New Mexico.


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    Nice! I've seen a few myself at Dinosaur Valley here in Texas. Unfortunately you can only see them really well when the water level is low. The Texas BB'ers took a trip out there last year, but dang it the water level was way up. Here's a pic anyway. There are tons of tracks under the me. lol

    I think it is facinating seeing the footprints up close.

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    There are some in northern Arizona near Tuba City. I had taken some digital pictures but the memory card flaked out on me. (I don't think it liked 10 degree temps.) If you ever end up in that neck of the woods, the signs to the parking area are well marked, though you might have to tip one of the Navajos hanging around a couple of bucks to show you exactly where the tracks are at.

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    Lots of Dino stuff here in Utah ... that may explain a lot of our prehistoric politics and stuff, but I digress ... I'll try to find some of my pics and post them too. There's a mountain biking trail in Moab (Klondike's Bluff) that has lots of dino prints on the ride up the rock face. VERY cool to realize that at some point a gazillion years ago this rock was muddy and some dino was walking on it.
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    Having lived in Calgary, Alberta Cdn in past yrs things like that are farily common close to Calgary, on the foothills of the Cdn Rockies. I think some of the possibly moon walkers would tread around in some of these baren parks feeling it might be like when on the moon.
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    I found a few of my pics from another trip to Dinosaur Valley. This is what the tracks look like when the water isn't covering them.

    These people don't seem too worried about the big dino behind them.

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    We've got some right next to a road on a ridge west of Denver, near the Bandimere drag strip. It also happens to be a nice motorcycle road too on the way into the mountains.

    Clair, I biked right past those dino tracks on Klondike Bluffs not even knowing they were there the first couple times.
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