You know that sweet feeling you get when you get a new ride? That's pretty much what I've got going on now. Not the new ride,... just a bunch of upgrades and the mechanic is all but done. Will be getting the FXR back tomorrow.

We replaced pegs with floorboards, installed a new exhaust, installed Ohlins shocks on the rear, installed fully adjustable cartridge fork tubes upfront (new, but from 2001 FXDX T-sport), the newer forks required the 4 piston calipers... so we did that, also replaced the rear caliper with an identical single puck (just new), put new rotors all the way around, added new seats with rider gel from LePerra, & a few other very minor things. Also a full inspection and servicing. OH, and some LeatherPros removable saddlebags.

The upgrades are based on a long trip I took last year that had my posterior in so much pain that I wouldn't have finished the trip back home.... if I would have had a choice. I'm expecting all the suspension upgrades, the seats, and the boards to help immensely with that. The exhaust was needed as one of my longshots broke last year. I was able to locate a new Thunderheader, for floorboards, though. Was lucky in that, as the floorboards style has been out of production for a long while, however they did a limited run in late 2018, I believe, and I was a lucky recipient of one.

Anyway, I am so stoked to be getting her back from the mechanic tomorrow!! Gonna get to do some proper social distancing!!