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Thread: 30+ tips & tricks articles & videos for new riders I made over 12 yrs riding

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    30+ tips & tricks articles & videos for new riders I made over 12 yrs riding

    Hey everyone,

    So it looks like I've been on and around this forum here and there for a decade. Sometimes to learn, sometimes to share, and while I still have a few things I could sharpen up (we all do), today I wanted to share.

    Every year I make a few walk-throughs/how-tos or other articles with tips and tricks that can help out new motorcyclists.

    Yesterday I decided to put most of them in one big article that links out to over 30 different things new riders can learn about. The article is here:

    Topics covered are broken up into 5 categories:
    • DIY Motorcycle Maintenance and Service
    • DIY Motorcycle Modifications
    • Riding in Bad Weather/Road Conditions
    • Money/Finance/Careers in Motorcycling
    • Model-Specific

    I make a full time living being self-employed, with a good chunk of my income coming from the motorcycle world, so if you're looking to save some money or make some money with bikes, that second last one might be for you.

    In addition to the article I linked to above, I also made a video for those who have a YouTube-addition:

    I think the article is probably more convenient as it easily links to all of the content separately, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

    Hope this helps!

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    Cool, and Thx!


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