Today I learned about the "city light". I never knew about this!

While waiting for the bike inspection at the local AAA, I turned the bike off. Then, the inspector comes over to start. I turned the key in the ignition. He checks the signals, brake lights with hand and brake controls, license plate & tail lights. All work fine.

I guess he thought that little city light was the low beam, because he saw a light on? He asked me to turn on the high beam, and I flipped that switch, but NOTHING!

He was going to fail me, but as I started the engine to leave, the high beam (switch still in that direction) came on. He saw it, so we finished and my bike passed inspection. Still, I thought OH CRAP, maybe a loose wire? I'll have to get it checked out at the motorcycle shop.

When I returned home, I checked the MOM and learned about the "city light", and how the headlights don't come on with only the ignition, you need to start the bike. So, I'm actually all good, but learned something today.