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Thread: BUG BASH XVI On The Road Aug 2 - 4th 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by NORTY View Post

    Then again, with so many other avenue's to consume our time, this may be a dying forum. (That would be a bummer, but look at it honestly.)
    I've conceded that as well...I really should have been more aggressive in having the facebook group shut down years ago, but I didn't think it would have much impact. I took on another forum that might have been on the brink of dying. They started a FB group too, but once they found out that I was taking over the forum as it stood, instead of it being shut down entirely - the FB group was shut down. There's way more activity over there, for a much more niche motorcycling topic.
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    The facebook group is really not all that active.
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    Crankshaft and I tested the route and lunch stop Saturday. He had the brisket sammich and I had the Boondocker, a fancy pulled pork sammich. They were good.

    The ride was mostly great. One pita from a construction detour that Cranky is gonna route around and another following an Escalade doing 30 in 55 zone. Road too twisty to pull a double yellow pass.

    The breakfast lounge at the hotel is really nice.
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