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Just realize that there is a point where the chain has stretched enough that no amount of tightening will keep it serviceable. When it gets to that point, you can tighten it to spec before heading out and less than a block later it will be rattling and clattering again. The last thing you want is for the chain to come off one of the sprockets while moving. I've seen the results and it can cause a lot of extra damage that a replacement chain (and sprockets) could have avoided.

P.S. if the PO of your bike did this and you haven't discovered it until chain replacement time, you're beyond screwed:

Holy crap! And it's WELDED to the CS! Surprised the bearing/seal survived the intense heat generated. Can't think of a way to change the sprocket either. Not cut it off as the heat would soften the steel shaft. Not even try to trim off the circumference of the "nubs," and build a new sprocket over the welded carrier. Nope, I got nuthin'.