Hi All - My son is home from school with his somewhat neglected 2014 CB 500 X with 11,000 miles.

We are planning to have a mechanic give it a good once over. The chain has about 60 mm of play. Spec is 35 to 45 mm. Definitely needs tightening. May also need new chain and sprocket.

I am wondering if it is safe to ride it about 10 miles to mechanic, keeping it under 50 mph on side streets. Of if I should rent a trailer.

I could also tighten the chain up a bit. But i have never adjusted a chain and I do not have the right size socket. And tightening up the chain will be wasted effort if we need to replace chain and sprocket anyway. On the other hand, I would like to learn to do more of my own maintenance so it would be a good learning experience.