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I am leaning towards just replacing the chain for now. See how that goes. I am tempted to try the cheaper, non- O-ring chain and be a maniac about cleaning and lubing. I have seen non O ring for $20. But I am guessing that is sub par quality. What should I pay for decent quality non O ring?

lol and you would be correct for about 20$ you will get farm chain, the rollers will probably have seams in them.
What you want will probably be represented as race bike chain or have no other description other then heavy duty roller chain, is easy enough to shorten if it is too long, you just grind the rivet heads off on one link and drive the pins out with a punch. Remove and install the new chain as per the very small print on the box making sure to install the cir-clip in the correct orientation. I would think maybe 60 bucks US per chain would be about right. If it's over a hundred it is probably a sealed chain or over-priced.