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Thread: I went and done a thang...

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    I went and done a thang...

    Am now officially a Harley Davidson owner....Attachment 6032

    1993 FXRS Convertible. 25k miles.

    Just had her home a few hours. Still need to adjust foot controls to fit me (likely switch to floorboards), get a new seat (this one is less than comfortable, possibly lower it a bit (if a more correctly shaped seat doesn't gain me a couple of inches), get that doomaflotchie thing mentioned (in another thread) to lighten the pull on the clutch lever (this one is much stiffer than the V star's).

    Has an Andrew's EV13 cam. Can you say... Potato, three times slow? Now do it with your lowest, deepest voice.

    Gonna take her a bit easy during the getting to know you period. Am a bit off kilter with her already, until I get the seat height and controls set up for me. She should make a nice freeway cruiser though.

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    A 1993 EVO will outlast the new engines being manufactured next week in Milwaukee!

    If it already got the cam, then there's a good chance the previous owner(s) replaced that troublesome inner cam bearing. (ICB.)

    The ICB usually goes South about 10-12,000 miles.

    See if you can locate a service manual for the bike.

    That "doomaflotchie" thing would be a Burly EZ Boy clutch device. Well worth the $20. Since you'll have to disconnect the clutch cable at the transmission, you might want to think about replacing said cable with one that is 25 years newer. (I used to break clutch cables on my EVO powered Dyna about every 60-65,000 miles (Figure about a half million actuations per cable life.))

    The Dyna Convertible is one of the most versatile bikes Harley ever made.

    Figure brake pads last about 10-12,000 miles. Your tires should get to that level of mileage too.

    Has the bike's carb been jetted? (Dynojet makes a decent kit for $75 or so.) I see you've already got pipes. Those won't do much for torque, but they sure make noise.
    If you decide you prefer some performance, then I suggest a "2 into 1" full system from the same maker as you have on there now.
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    The paper that listed the upgrades mentioned that the carbs had been tuned, so I am going to say it has been jetted for the increased exhaust.

    I ordered both a factory service manual & a parts catalog (part #s) for it. Coming from across the big pond though, so won't be here till nearly the end of the month. I'll do a full servicing myself, once I have that.... just to get to know her up close and personal. The dealership gave her a full service before I took her also. The tires are brand new, still with the colored stripes and little spikey tabs.

    Compared to the V star... it definitely has torque... even with those pipes. You seem to recognize them. I don't. I was thinking Hard Krome, maybe? The 2 into 1 Thunderheaders were a very popular choice for the performance enthusiast on these. Those are supposedly extremely loud. Yes, these are loud, but I don't think they are Thunderheader loud.

    I'm actually leaning towards a Muller Power Clutch to ease the pull. A bit more expensive, but I am reading very positive reviews on the HD forums.

    I found a factory stock seat to replace the one pictured above. Have the front attached with the original hinge up hardware. Had to order some hardware for the rear.

    You are the second to refer to her as a Dyna. She actually is not, but rather an FXR frame. Pre-Dyna, and sold along side Dynas between, I believe, 91 & 94, with the FXR frames being discontinued in 94. Supposedly a very strong & rigid frame. Has an extra motor mount & support for the EVO that the Dynas lack.

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    That's true, the FXR isn't a Dyna, for the reasons you state. However, the Dyna line did take many cues from the FXR line.

    The FXR enjoys an almost "rabid"popularity amongst the Harley bunch. Still does to this day, actually.
    Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

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    A few upgrades coming.

    Have been sitting on a Thunderheader 2 into 1 for a while now. I got the one for floorboards, and I happened to scavenge those from an FXR police model. Going to have to relocate the oil filter bracket to use that TH though. Got a kit from DK Customs or that.

    The tanks liner is flaking though and I can see spots of rust. So first thing, before installing that TH and re jetting, I've got to deal with that. I found a guy who has built a machine that rotates tanks on 2 axis', each turning at a different speed. He says with acetone and a handful of screws, he has had a lot of success with this issue. I've seen the during and after scope videos of the insides. I am impressed. He say it will take about ten days on the machine, and only a Benjamin gets her done. Of course, then there is the POR 15 treatment to add to that, but I'm thinking I should be good to go after that.

    My Ohlins fully adjustable shocks arrived a short bit ago. I discovered that the Showa adjustable cartridge forks from the '00-'03 FXDX Sports are a pretty easy upgrade for the front suspension, and are surprisingly still available from HD. I am waiting on that delivery still.

    The newer forks require that I move up to the four piston calipers up front. They are included in the fork leg assembly order. Am considering some new discs up front while the front is apart.

    Also splurged on a new seat. Went with a LePera Monterey set up, with the biker gel. Am still waiting on that delivery also.

    Anyway, with the suspension and seat upgrades, I'm hoping I can complete some longer tours with less pain to the posterior.

    I have no plans to upgrade the 80", as of yet. It moves me around just fine and seems solid.

    Also have some general maintenance & minor repair budgeted in.

    I'm still kicking myself for not taking her with me to Colorado this summer, while I was out there on a job. There are some SWEET roads up in them mountains!! I plan on making a special trip back, if I don't happen to catch another construction project out there again this year. If I do, I'll trailer her out behind the truck. If not, I want to do the whole trip on two wheels.

    Anyway, I'm just rambling at this point.

    Has been kind of slow around here,.....and I'm just making conversation.


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