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Thread: Concours vs. VFR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    Helps if you can narrow it down to the type of motorcycle you really want! Go far motorcycle -> Connie BMW H-D etc...
    Go Fast -> MV Agusta etc... Go anywhere Husky etc ... Does it have to serve as a daily ride or is it just a toy?

    and it helps to have unlimited budget
    Weather was awful this weekend - no golf, no motorcycle perusing. Maybe I will take up bowling.

    Looking at standards, sporty standards, sport-touring, adventure-touring. Have not been on a bike since 2015 - 53 years old, 6' 2" 210 lbs. - mostly want something for riding around city and day trips. $2500-3500 budget. Definitely a toy, not inclined to tinker on bikes or have a "relationship" with a mechanic like when I used to drive VWs, so I want something reliable. Ideally, I would have two bikes: a standard for riding around Chicago and a sport-touring or adventure-touring for possible commuting and longer trips. My tastes vary, but here are some bikes I might check out this week:
    '94 CB1000

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    The VFR's do look nice for the price
    although I would have to inflate it by 30% add tax at 13% and then pay about a thousand for insurance and a plate

    Yesterday was nice here, went to a trials event and the picked through a motorcycle scrap yard for BMW bits


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