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Thread: Almost pulled the trigger on this Dyna

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    Almost pulled the trigger on this Dyna

    Not much room for uploading photos here, so I'll link the thread I started on the HD Forums.... for the storyline and pics.

    I really liked this bike!! Supposedly about 12,000 miles on her. All the accessories I desire, save floorboards (sacrilege on a Dyna I know). EVO engine. Thunderheader Exhaust. I think she could have been a good 'next step up' from my V star. Good for both around town and highway use.

    Too bad she wasn't what she was presented as...

    I just don't trust that odometer, as it's the same as color as the tank/fenders, so highly unlikely original. No longer trusting the seller....

    The deal was set to go down this weekend, but no longer...

    The search continues......

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    Good job doing your homework. If something doesn't feel right, I'm learning to trust that feeling.
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    Heck, I gotta Dyna that needs a home. (With 5 bikes in the garge, it's become "motorcycle checkers" when it's time to ride.)

    But, I see you got a Dyna 'vert of 1993 vintage.

    Mine's on that forum in the "for sale" section, btw.
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