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Thread: Mid to Late 90s Dynas

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    Mid to Late 90s Dynas

    Just thought I'd throw this out there for discussion...

    Have been browsing Craigslist for a while now, and it's just kind of weird how often I see something I like, click on the link and it turns out to be a 90s era Wide Glide.

    A little bit of research shows me that it's actually extremely close to the weight of my current '(re)-trainer' V-Star 650.

    I like what I've read about the engines on that eras Harley. Supposedly very reliable.

    There is a bit more HP and torque, but it doesn't seem to extreme of a jump.

    The V-star just doesn't seem to feel right, as a highway cruiser that is (traffic flows between 65-80 mph). Just a bit small and underpowered. Am currently driving about an hour each way to and from, and am thinking (maybe hoping) that one of these Wide Glides may be a logical option... given that I'm not wanting to move up to a full touring model.

    So,.... again.... just throwing it out for some discussion and insight from the more experienced.
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