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Thread: Chain Cleaning

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    My bikes are all sealed chains. I like the idea of clean and efficient. I cannot notice a power difference when I clean and lube the chain, but I feel like the bikes run smoother and quieter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    #1 failure with cir-clip installation is putting it on backwards, just make sure the squid clip swims like a squid
    and that the side plates are not all installed on the same side of the roller :/ seen that once too.
    I could see myself putting it back on backwards. And I do not know what you mean by on the same side as the roller.

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    You know how a chain master link has a plate on one side of the sprocket and a plate on the other side of the sprocket this guy had both plates stacked up on the inside of the chain and the circlip was riding directly on the part with the roller in it.
    If you ever have a sealed chain go bad on a motorcycle you will notice, as you said vibration can result and even crunching sounds if the chain has any seized up links. On a small displacement motorcycle you would notice a profound difference in the performance delivery.
    ... it's just as easy to mess up the install of a rivet type link as a cir-clip master, rivet links you can use once and they are toast so you better buy them in twos or threes.


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