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Thread: I'll never not want an Interceptor

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    I'll never not want an Interceptor

    A nice article on a bike dear to many of us
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    I'd like a late 80's VTR250 Interceptor...

    ...and if we can dream, I'll take the Gen-2 model that was only available in the European/Asian markets:

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    There's a guy locally that has one of the original 750 Interceptors. Plus he's well on his way to collecting one of every generation of VFR up to 6th Gen. And he's got a VF1000 too.
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    I remember test riding the VF500F at Alba Honda. $2495 and it would have been mine. Silky smooth, but virtually zero powerband. Nothing like the almost new GS 750EZ I was riding at the time. Sure miss the days of 250-300 yen to the dollar...
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