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Thread: Florence Preps

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    Florence Preps

    East-coastal peeps... howya doin? OBX... lookin at you here. Double-checked the 100/500yr floodplain maps and my parents aren't in either (neither are my Sis and BIL), but it's looking like a very wet week for the lower-mid-atlantic coast. Having ditched facebook a couple of months back I thought I'd ask how folks are doing with their preps/planning.

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    I don't usually pay much attention to any weather forecast beyond 3 days but the forecasting on this has stayed pretty steady .. in a bad way. The bead seems to be on the Wilmington area .. but we are for sure in the "pay attention" zone.

    I test ran our generators and hung the hardest to do plywood window covers (we have real shutters for most of the windows) today .. just to get a head start. We will probably make the go/stay decision tomorrow night. The county makes leaving harder by making re-entry so difficult. Arghhh ..

    I always insisted Gigi leave so I wouldn't have to worry about her while I did helicopter duties .. now that I'm retired she usually wants to stay. Really here on Roanoke Island at 14 feet above sea level we are pretty secure. It's more a pain in the butt than anything else. Gun range is closed, surf too big and rowdy for longboarding, flying is out , boring ...
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    Stay safe, OBX and all!
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    It must be a big event, Cantori is there.
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    Looks like Wilmington,NC is going to take a direct hit. Wind force down nearly 50%. But surge and rainfall may create massive flooding. Make that "may" a "probably" or even "undoubtedly". Bad stuff.

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    We are located near the Northern coast of NC on an island immediately behind the Outer Banks just about in the middle of the yellow of the rainfall map. We look pretty clear .. but will keep an eye on the storm as it approaches. Prayers for those folks to the South of us ...
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