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Thread: It's a Small World

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    It's a Small World

    First Tiny Planet test. Hope to have more to follow.

    - Wolf

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    I love the concept but watching it made me kinda queasy.
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    I can see that. It does have a funhouse mirror effect on some parts. Thanks for watching though.

    - Wolf

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    I got vertigo just looking at the still image. Sorry, no way in hell I'm pressing the play button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal LabRat View Post
    I got vertigo just looking at the still image.
    You can get a handicapped parking placard for that.


    Chew on that for a bit...
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    And I’m taking it slow on this test ride. Imagine if I went at highway speeds?


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    Very unique perspective. It's like between the "flat Earth" bunch to Earth from a few million miles away as a small speck. Enjoyed seeing it.
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    Thanks. I’m still testing out the camera, but plan to use it for a ride from Philadelphia to Ottawa, Canada. I am tempted to post it on a few of the Flat Earth society websites.

    - Wolf

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    Your Slipstream video is super keen
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    Hey thanks! It's been in a few film festivals.

    - Wolf


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