I rode the fleet yesterday. I have been mostly riding the Harley around town and the other bikes were feeling a bit neglected so I took them all for a rip.

I took each to the field near my house where I have been practicing off road. I spent most of the time standing and I found riding while standing to be a good leg and core workout. I also found some of the workout due to my tension. I found that when I focused on relaxing and getting my head up out of the bike and on to the field, it became less physically taxing.

I did not go through the mud bog since I did not want to clean the bikes. I spent most of the time on the relatively firm grass areas. I was working on figure eights and circles going faster and pushing the traction limits more. The KLX with it's 50/50 dual sport tires had great traction.

The DRZ with its 80/20 street oriented dual sports would slide a bit more.

The Versys was interesting. I have only putted around off road on the Versys. It has Pilot Road 4s and I have not been confident with the traction. I was surprised at how much traction it had. I also took it through a rutted area. I thought it might have been a mistake. I was standing and as I was bouncing around, I found it difficult to hold a steady throttle. A bounce and throttle jolt propelled me much faster for a minute than I was comfortable with. But the bike performed very well. Although I thought I was going to eat it for a minute.

Standing on the KLX, DRZ and Versys, you could really notice the difference in the weight. It seems that you can notice the weight more dramatically when standing than when sitting.

I would like to find a gravel road where go on an extended ride with more speed and get more comfortable. It think I will start with the KLX and work my way up.