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35 or 40 mph is the perfect speed for a high side.

And yes, you have "re-trained" your brain to use the rear brake instead of the front brake. You need to "re-retrain" your brain to using BOTH brakes all the time, again.

You "do" what you practice. In the next "emergency" hopefully, you'll be better prepared. USE BOTH BRAKES!

Now, about your tires~

What cold tire pressure are you running? How often to you check your tires? Remember the "T" in t-clocs? There's a reason it's first. It's important. Yes, it's THAT important. Now, go shovel some snow! (I wanna do that someday.) Just for the experience.
okay, okay... already practicing both brakes and recognized it in the original post.

I run the tire pressure at what the manual says and check it weekly. The tire pressure was fine that day. The new tire the shop put in is a different brand and tread pattern from the OEM but I am still keeping it at the same psi. The tire had about 150 miles on it so it may have contributed a little.

Anyways, thanks for everyone's feedback and I did not mean to overdramatize it especially since there was no accident, just a lesson to learn.