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Thread: Tracking Down a Noise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    it's a roller chain and if you can make it ride on the rollers instead of the plates it will be quieter, last longer and vibrate less, alternatively you can use a bearing and sprocket or wheel on your tensioner. Cam chain tensioners are better then what I just seen as being representative of what you are dealing with
    What, you think I should put engineering on a Harley that is actually from this century?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    I just planted my veggie garden:
    cucumber tomato watermelon peppers & cantaloupe

    somebody's going to eat well, either me, or the wild animals
    Either way somebody is getting some vitamins.

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    H-D needs to catch up to the previous century first, Indian Scout had a gear primary drive by 1920


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