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    Ana Carasco

    Ana Carasco . . . a 21 year old Spanish woman making racing history - first woman to win race, take a pole position and lead a championship at his level of pro racing.

    Ana races in the WSS300 class. Unfortunately for us in the US, they only race the WSBK rounds in Europe so our only coverage is to watch in person or through I've been following her for a few years. I had the pleasure of being in Portimao, Portugal last year when in a spectacular fight to the finish won her first race.

    At the end of last season she was without a ride and got picked up by David Salom's Kawasaki Jr. team as their second rider just before the first race. Earlier this month at Imola she won took her first pole position and won her 2nd race by 13+ seconds. She currently leads the WSS300 championship.

    Today, she took her second pole position at the Donnigton circuit today. I can't wait to watch tomorrow's race!

    A couple of pictures I took of her on her way at at parc ferme after her win in Imola.

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    I watched her have a pretty successful close to a first year in Moto3 .. then essentially do nothing the next 2 years. Much the same with Maria Herrera who "almost" finished 6th in Moto3 once .. but was taken out when another rider lowsided. I lost interest in Herrera when it became obvious she was one of the Moto3 riders desperately looking for someone to follow to qualify.

    I don't understand the WSS300 class. Moto3 is full of aspiring teens hoping to move up. But WSS300 appears to be full of mid 20 somethings on their last stop out of racing. (Maria Herrera has moved down from Moto3 to WSS300 also.)

    I love the concept of the 300 class (although Ninja 400s and Honda 500s are in it too.) But I would much rather see it full of "up and comers" (regardless of sex).
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    WSS300 is sort of similar to Moto3 with primary difference in bikes being production vs. prototypes, which means a significant difference in costs. Most of the riders are between 17-21. There are a couple of mid-20s riders. 15 is minimum age. Both have a maximum age limit of 28.

    Ana won again today.
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    Well I guess it's all relative anyway. Tony Elias was pretty well washed up in MotoGP and Moto2 and now he's over here kicking butt in MotoAmerica Superbike. Kinda tells us where we are at on the world stage in motorcycle racing.
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