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Thread: What do you "keep" in your luggage?

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    What do you "keep" in your luggage?

    Just curious really.

    I have small saddlebags myself, that came with it. They work fine for grabbing a half gallon or so of milk (not wide enough for a full gallon). I was able to fit a water pump for the jeep in one, along with some other maintenance stuff for the jeep last week. But they are small, really, and it's on my radar to upgrade at some point.

    As far as stuff I can think of that I would "think" I would want to stay on the bike... not what one would pack for a weekend get-a-way.

    Rain gear
    Rain cover ?
    Tire pressure gauge.
    Maybe some tennis balls cut in half for parking lot obstacle course set up.

    Above that, I would think I want extra room for a bottle of water or four, or maybe for a quick trip to the butcher for some BBQ meat, or what not.

    I guess I'm just curious as to what you all recommend to keep on the ride.

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    Luggage is never big enough; no matter how large it is, you'll think of SOMETHING you couldn't fit in it.

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    Some zip-ties and a small tool kit.
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    I wear a fanny pack almost all of the time riding most of the hand tools that you could possibly need on the loop for a trials bike is in there including allen keys, tiny crescent wrench, 10mm nut driver, multi-bit screwdriver, a little bicycle type pump, pressure gauge, iPhone, first aid kit zip ties, swiss army knife (I only use that at least once every day of my life) ibuprofen, flash light, lighter and waterproof matches, wine gums and chewing gum. If I'm setting up sections there will also be a compact folding saw in there and a bunch of red and green marking tape Basically if you need it, good chance I have a very small version of it in there.

    Street bike saddle bags got room in there for a little spare fuel?

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    I can easily see where one would always be wanting to put more in, and they are never really big enough.

    Zip ties... now that is great. Never would have thought of that, being new (re-born anyway) to this. And since the original tool kit didn't come with the ride, I'll have to figure out what I would most likely need, out and about. Of course, it's in excellent shape, and I am still slowly going through it, ...brakes, new battery, lubrications & fluids, spark plugs, etc. (tires soon). So, I would hope I wouldn't have much need of a tool kit on a weekend excursion, but still... I guess I need to figure what would be the most common issues I might run into for this particular bike, on the street, and be prepared for those.

    Mostly, I would think weather issues would be the main thing. I'm not sure after that. Is fixing a flat (tubed cruiser) on the side of the road really an issue? I would think a call to triple A would be in order for that.

    Other than that? A service manual and fuses?

    Trials' ibuprofen comment makes me think a small first aid kit.

    I would imagine, with a good battery, I shouldn't need to keep a battery tender with me.
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    -USB battery bank. Just remember to pull it out every quarter and throw electrons at it. Not for recharging the phone fully, just to make sure there’s spare juice if the phone dies and I need it.

    -Rain gear, including a set of waterproof gloves.

    -factory toolkit+. Includes a complete extra set of metric Allen keys, and a multi tool.

    -air pressure gauge: I always use the same gauge to set bike tire pressures, so it lives in the top case.

    -spare earpro. I just buy the 32db plugs in bulk, so the plastic jar lives with the bike.

    -small first aid kit. Basics: gloves, wound dressings, a space blanket, tape, some bandaids. I should really add a SOF-T Wide tourniquet.

    -Loperamide. Almost every gas station has Tylenol or ibuprofen. Keeping those on hand as well is probably a good idea. But many don't have anti-diarrheal meds, which when you need them, you REALLY need them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountofQ View Post
    I can easily see where one would always be wanting to put more in, and they are never really big enough. ..
    Fold-up multi-tools like a metric allen key set that folds up, compact screwdriver set that has various bits in the handle, a tiny crescent adjustable wrench and a swiss army knife that has an awl/reamer. All of that will fit in one hand no problem and it covers the majority of tools you are likely to be able to make use of in the middle of nowhere.

    The awl/reamer thing on the knife can drill holes through thick plastic, leather or thin metal and then you can stitch things back together with zip ties, wire or nylon cord etc.

    Yes to hikers first aid kit, everything once stored should not be dangerous if you should happen to fall on it, things to add to a conventional first aid kit:
    Aluminum foil; amazing stuff, takes up very little room, fireproof, conducts electricity.
    Crazy glue; I know guys who have even used it to patch flat tires (tubeless) it will bond skin instantly which is less painful then stitching yourself up in the woods.
    Sewing kit; those ones they leave you in a fancy hotel are perfect.
    Small magnifying glass lens, good for looking at things close or starting a fire if you have sunshine.
    Dental floss; works between teeth and it is amazing strong thread for stitching or tying things.

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    oops, duplicate post
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    I keep a tire pressure gauge in my vest, tools in a tool roll, flashlight in my pocket, and we don't get enough rain here to waste money on rain gear.

    Anything I acquire along the way goes into the saddlebags.
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    I'm on a short two dayer right now on my GS 2-up with Gigi. Really geared pretty light. Flashlight even though we don't plan on riding at night. A Cruztools set specific to BMW bikes. A leatherman. Zipties. A couple of batteries to recharge cell phone. No raingear as I'm in central AZ and it's not forecast. One layer extra (I usually use raingear for this) just in case. Air pressure gauge. Ibu, tylenol and the same two immodium tabs I've been carrying for 10 years ... and 2 baby aspirin ... just in case someone has a heart attack ... and two antacid tablets just in case it's heartburn instead ...

    I was mildly surprised how cool it felt with the temp gauge reading mid 80s today. Quite different than the high humidity 80s back home ...

    Something a bit different is I am planning to ride the Mojave Road (Laughlin to Barstow ) next year. ~ 170+ mile off-road adventure ride (when side rides are added in). On the one hand given the obstacles I want to stay light ... OTOH I want to be sure to have what I need since we are talking about overnighting in the desert ...
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