Okay. This is a bit late - my crash was in May 2016.

Love my C3 Pro Women's helmet. I registered it when I bought it. REGISTER YOUR HELMETS, KIDS!! And hang on to the receipt as well.

With a bit of back and forth, Schuberth replaced the crashed in helmet at just shy of 1/3 the retail cost. I'd lost the receipt, but since I bought it at Bob's BMW, they had the purchase receipt in their system. Bob's even went so far as to forward my receipt directly to Schuberth for me.

Schuberth wanted the helmet as well as a copy of the incident report.

>>If you live in a helmet law state, your insurance company must include your helmet as part of the motorcycle for replacement purposes. That is, replacing your helmet should be considered part of the motorcycle, not an "accessory" for compensation purposes. If you don't remind them, they may not do it.

Riding a BMW and having something along the lines of $2500 in assorted upgrades and farkles on my Rockster when I totalled it accessory coverage is something we've always had in our motorcycle policies. Over 1/3 of the check I got for my Rockster was for accessory upgrades.