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Thread: getting into off-roading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Matt View Post
    You can get the Rally Raid stuff from here in Canada. Not sure if it's cheaper than ordering from Giant Loop or directly from Rally Raid in the U.K., but at least you don't play the will-they-or-won't-they-charge-me-customs-fees game.
    Good to know, thanks.
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    The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.

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    Get a “disposable” bike. Get a bike as lightweight as your wallet allows. Might as well get a thumper. Something in the “sub 275 lb. class.”
    Get something that has a dealer nearby. You may need parts as you “ride.”
    Get offroad appropriate gear. Get something to protect your rib cage. Don’t use your street oriented safety gear. It’s the wrong tool for the job.
    Don’t ride alone.
    Don’t ride out to your riding area. Take a truck or trailer. Take pics and explore safely.
    Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

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    CB500x is fine for riding gravel roads and stuff like that. Get a DS tire and possibly some lever guards. You can spend a lifetime exploring gravel roads in BC. You don't need a bash plate or rad guards unless you plan on hopping logs and riding on big rocks. If you are planning on hopping logs and big rocks, the CB500 is never going to be a good bike and you will quickly run into its limitations on the trails around Vancouver. A good dual-sport like a WR250R is actually quite capable offroad and would be a better starting point. If you can, a dedicated Enduro is better still, but you will have to transport it to the trail. The best thing you could possibly do is get a trials bike and join the local trials club. Nothing will teach you off-road riding skills faster than trials.


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