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Thread: looking for good cold weather gloves

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodstockJeff View Post
    Heated grips AND something to deflect the wind off of your hands. I have both... unfortunately, not on the same motorcycle.
    I wholeheartedly agree. I consider these two additions the biggest improvements I've made to my bike. I did try handlebar muffs and would consider them the very best in keeping hands warm but found them too cumbersome.

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    Waterproof gloves are a myth.

    No matter how much you spend and how "waterproof" they claim to be - moisture (sweat) will accumulate inside if they're sealed well or rain will get in if they aren't. Well sealed gloves become impossible to put back on after you've been riding in them. The liner gets just damp enough to resist sliding over fingers.
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    I just got two pairs of Goretex Revit gloves that seem to defy physics very impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZridered View Post
    I have been really happy with a set of H-D FXRG winter gloves. A cinch (one-handed operable) at the back of the gauntlet is a very nice touch. I get these out when temperatures are dipping into the low 40F range.
    I think he's talking 40 fahrenheit, not 40 Celsius! LOL, just kidding, ya know!
    Actually, I've had the best luck with HD gloves. They last about a year to 3 years of use for me.

    I've heard "Lee Parks'" gloves are almost magical, but his pricing is very high.

    I suppose like most everything else in life, we get what we pay for.
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