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Thread: Favorite/safe roads

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    Possibly some. We do have mountain and canyon roads and I think that being cautious of sight distance, for me, has more to do with rocks, tourists in motorhomes, elk, and deer. There was the time on the way to Prescott that we came around a tight turn to find a bull sunning himself in the road (open range area).
    Yes ... I've experienced that last thing in Mexico ... . And the Gigi and I came upon an Axis deer apparently enjoying just standing in the road as we topped a small hill in Texas Hill Country. There were an interesting couple of seconds to see if our combined efforts of him accelerating and me decelerating would avoid a collision ... The instant it appeared we'd succeeded in a near miss I began shouting for Gigi to get a photo of the massively racked animal ... I had caught her unawares and she was trying to draw her camera while still smushed up against my back ...

    I may have heard her call me a name ... or it could have been the wind ...
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    Is very hard to ride over a cow with a motorcycle they keep mooooving

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    Is very hard to ride over a cow with a motorcycle they keep mooooving
    I had a friend land on a cow hang gliding. 40 acre pasture, one cow ... classic target fixation ... you go where you look ... The cow was not amused.

    The funny thing is he expressed concern about the cow before he launched. I countered that there was room to land a DC-3 and avoid the cow ...and that he probably couldn't hit the cow if he tried. I was proven wrong ... even though he swore he was doing his best not to hit the cow ...
    The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.

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    We just moved out of suburbia into nearby rural foothills. Yeah, deer, coyotes, even a small bear have crossed our paths. You can bet I'll lay off riding during dawn and dusk. Though, the bear crossed the road in broad daylight.
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    I am more of a relaxed sidecar drive kind of guy...

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