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Thread: The Lecture

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    Easy, DGAF about others' opinions.

    Rain Rain Go Away,
    So I can ride another day.
    Remember when sex was safe, and motorcycles were dangerous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derick View Post
    Easy, DGAF about others' opinions.

    Best advice yet.
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    I would reply that you know someone who died in surgery. Conclusion? Surgery is dangerous and you should never do it.

    Or in other words, by definition doctors only ever see those who have failed. It's not exactly solid ground from which to form a well rounded opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorg67 View Post
    I thank them for their concern for my well being and let it go.
    This is how I handle it. Read it here on the board years ago and it works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alba View Post
    I would reply that you know someone who died in surgery. Conclusion? Surgery is dangerous and you should never do it.

    Or in other words, by definition doctors only ever see those who have failed. It's not exactly solid ground from which to form a well rounded opinion.
    There's a lot of truth in this. For instance, people who work at a free clinic will tell you about rampant STDs, because that's what they see every day, even though it may be a very small slice of the total population of a community. I keep hearing about the opioid epidemic; I suppose there is one, but because of the nature of my social circles, I know of no one who has suffered from opioid addiction.

    The comment about deaths from medical procedures is a good one, and absolutely a sore spot for me, since I avoid doctors and hospitals at (nearly) all cost. In 40 years, I have made one health insurance claim.

    The DGAF option is valid, but some of us just aren't wired that way; we often care what others think when we shouldn't. For us, having some reinforcement from those who understand our way of thinking is a temporary panacea, which is what I'm getting here, and I thank everyone for their input.

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    When someone begins the Lecture with the general 'But motorcycles are soooo dangerous!' I usually ask them if they ride? The answer so far has been a 'no'. My next question is where, or how did they form their opinion. Generally it's from news reports, YT videos, and online articles unfortunately like this one.

    In most cases the cause of the accidents aren't fully known - bad driving conditions, excessive speed, alcohol, poor decision making by the rider, or outside causes - another driver, or an animal like a deer. In either case the conclusions formed are based on incomplete information. I then tell them that not all drivers are the same. Some ride with low, medium and high risk drives in how they navigate the road and the obstacles in their way. A good rider's first concern is managing the factors that may lead to a crash. They're the ones you don't read about. So in many cases these negative attitudes are based on the negative stories when in reality thousands of riders 'ride' without any problems or the consequence of a so called dangerous activity.

    In other words it's based on the worst case scenarios, and not the other way around.

    - Wolf

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    It is better to be a tiger for one day than a sheep for a thousand years - Tibetan Maxim

    This is an interesting maxim from Tibet. It is better to be a tiger for one day than a sheep for a thousand years. Most people today are sheep. This is not a derogatory statement, but rather a statement of fact. Sheep go through life pretty much oblivious to what is happening around them. They eat, drink, sleep, and follow their shepherd wherever he desires to lead them. A sheep is a peaceful animal and presents no threat to other animals; it just kind of goes through life on auto-pilot.

    The tiger, on the other hand, roams the jungle with confidence and awareness. Tigers have no shepherd to protect them or guide them to food and water. A tiger is a self-sufficient animal capable of not only providing its own food, but of also defending itself against pretty much any threat. Tigers are proficient killing machines when they have to be. Their confidence shows in their unflinching gaze. They set their own law in the jungle.

    The Tibetan maxim above tells us that it is better to live like a tiger, even if it is only for a short time, than it is to live many years as a sheep. The warrior has much more in common with the tiger than he does with the sheep. He is confident and independent. He is self-sufficient and fierce. Warriors roam the streets of the jungle knowing that they can handle most anything that comes their way. It is better to be a warrior for a year than a sheep for 100 years.

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    I just tune them out and when they're done, say "OK, great". (You've all seen that meme about how to be a grown up at work, right?)
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    "I shall humbly regard your information with all the attention it deserves."

    "Remember when being socially distant was a symptom of a potentially debilitating mental disorder, instead of a government mandate? C'mon, it was just a few weeks ago!"

    "Modern Liberalism: The embodiment of an irrational fear of letting other people run their own lives."

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    I say "my cardiac surgeon approves of my riding and is a rider himself". Which is true. Think about it.
    "The better you're prepared, the luckier you get".


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