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Thread: My considerations for 1st Bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountofQ View Post

    I know I struggled with getting my boot under the shifter...

    The rear brake on the HD... one had to almost "ballerina toe" it, and I felt there was a lot of slack even after reaching it before I could feel any braking effect...
    Those issues can be taken care of through control adjustment, same as for any bike. Riders at the taller end or shorter end of the height spectrum are likely to find that their personal "ideal" is farther away from a baseline setting than average height riders.

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    Yes, AZridered. They actually noticed the problem quickly, the morning of the first day. Before we even started the bikes, I believe. They switched out my bike with another one, that had the shifter adjusted a bit higher (one guy didn't show up, so there was an extra). They weren't making control adjustments at the course though, which I found to be understandable. They also said they don't typically recommend steel toes, unless you wear them most every day (which I have for around 25 years). I managed to handle the shifting ok, after a bit of familiarization. Ended up just hooking the shifter with the lip of the sole that sticks out from under my boot. Wasn't much of a problem, after I got used to it. As far as the rear brake, I just had to ballerina it.

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    Shadow Shack, haha, I'm not sure how I found that. Didn't even realize until you mentioned it. Sorry man.... There isn't even a "Crash" that has replied in this thread.

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    I am continuing to look at Dual Sports on Craigslist, just copying and pasting the recommended models from the beginner bike thread (and those mentioned in this thread) into the search. Not much there in the 2K range though. Found this one,, for $2400 asking price. Rebuilt title concerns me, as does the much lower price than all the others. I assume that means it needs some work before being solid.

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    We have that exact bike, same color. Ours is a 2012 and is the bike my son started on and road for a year at school. Still have it and it is a blast to ride.

    We paid $3,500 for ours with a clean title and about 2,200 miles on it and that was two years ago. So to me, $2,400 seems a bit high for a 2009 especially with a rebuilt title.

    I would also ask others to comment on the tires for pavement. They look kind of 50/50 ish to me, but others here will have a better eye for that the I do. If I were to learn on that bike, I would want tires that are going to be reasonably smooth on road.

    But if you could get him down on price a bit, it seems perfect. I see a dent on the exhaust. for a first bike, something with some blemishes is perfect so if you add a few it will be no big deal.

    Maybe you could get it for $1,800 or so. Show up with 18 hundred dollar bills and see if he will take it.

    In any case, we have had a good experience with our KLX250S.

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    I think I would have to stand on toe tips with that one also.

    Others that I might consider as a temp/learner ride...

    Found this one by searching "Dual Sport" in the Motorcycle heading... Could probably flat foot this one.

    There is also a 650 Honda Xr650l, but I think that is probably getting away from the point of a smaller bike. Asking just over 2k.

    Searching for 250 Cruisers... Maybe physically a bit small for me.

    A bit of a drive just to look at it... But the V star 250 looks like my knees wouldn't stick up as much as on the 'Zuki. Also the listing is two months old. Been trying to sell it a while. Only Yamaha listed in my general area. Am I missing something, or are those tailpipes REALLY short.

    A few of the GZ 250 in the circa 2k range. This one is a bit newer, I think.

    I did go ahead a re-enroll in another MSF class today, will be a few weeks, unless someone drops/reschedules before then.
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    Have you considered a Suzuki TU250x? Took MSF on that and it was a very forgiving bike. One in Oklahoma...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CountofQ View Post
    I think I would have to stand on toe tips with that one also.
    Two things to be aware of on that note; the KLX for example has almost 3 times the wheel travel of anything you have ridden to date and off road suitable suspension is extremely compliant and adjustable by comparison, at 220 pounds you are going to have very little to no problem compressing the static ride height by several inches. Secondly it is the footpegs and controls that you need to have in easy reach once you are mobile the ground moving by is not a good place to plant your feet, unless you are already falling over and then you are going to find the ground is closer then you want it anyway, you're not suppose to be dragging feet when you do those figure 8's, unless you are racing flat track the foot dangling and dragging is a symptom of loss of control.

    Add suspension travel and curb weight to the criteria when choosing a motorcycle, seat height specs mean nothing unless you consider the nature of the suspension and the depth of the seat cushion as well.

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    Yes, my experience is exactly what Trials has explained. I am 5' 10" 165 lbs. My younger boy who rode the KLX250S for a year as his first bike is 5' 8" 155 lbs. My inseam is similar to yours, my son's is less, maybe 30 to 31 inches. Neither of us have any trouble with the seat height of the KLX. We both find it very easy to ride. My older boy and I are now using the KLX to develop some off road skills. It is an awesome bike very versatile and great fun.

    The DRZ400S is taller (37 inch seat height). That is more of a tip toe bike. But even that bike, if I scooch up to the front of the seat, I can get both feet flat on the ground. Admittedly, my knees are completely straight and my feet are barely touching the ground. I usually lean it to one side and put one foot down. But these are light bikes. They are very easy to handle.

    And, as Trials explained, the seat height is only an issue when you stop. If you have difficulty, just get out of the way and let it drop. You will likely do minimal damage. Just pick it up, they are designed to be dropped. Very rugged bikes.

    At your size, I think you would have no trouble at all. It would allow you to have something light and easy to ride but still give you room for your size.

    However, the KLX is not going to be a good highway bike. I have had it up to 85 mph according to the speedo. I think the speedo is off by about 10% so I was probably actually in the mid to high 70's and that might have been with a tail wind. You will lose speed going up hill or into a head wind and you will have no power. I will take it on the highway if I have to, but I would not want to be in 80 mph traffic rush hour traffic on that bike. I would be okay poking along in the slow lane on a Sunday with light traffic. But it is not going to be a good choice for any significant super slab use.

    My son used it as a commuter bike for school and it was perfect for that use. He could avoid traffic by cutting through vacant lots, pop over curbs like they are nothing, park anywhere. It worked really well. Having developed skills on the KLX, he can now do all those things on his CB500X. I feel like the time he spent on the KLX is really paying dividends with his skills.
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    I'll go by and sit on that KLX, but I know I do not want to be tip toeing at stop lights. Yes, I know it is a light bike, and I doubt I would have trouble keeping it upright even on my toes. It's just not something I want to do.

    This particular one, with the rebuilt title worries me a bit too. Essentially a salvage title bike that was rebuilt. So a couple things with that... with these bikes being so tough and break resistant, I have to wonder what it went thru to break it to the point it was declared a salvage bike by the state of Oklahoma or insurance company. Also, when I texted the seller, I seem to have gotten conflicting info. Supposedly it was rebuilt by the first owner (just mirrors and signals and such). A salvage /rebuilt title seems a bit extreme for such things to me.

    So I can swing by and look at this one. It's close. But my warning buzzers are already sounding, so this particular one is likely a "no go".

    I did search for a TU250, but nothing showed up locally, except a new one left over from previous years.

    No one commented on the Honda CRF230? Is it such a poor choice?

    Bear in mind, I will likely NEVER have this (whatever this might be) on the dirt. In my opinion, this is supposed to be an inexpensive & hard/er to break bike for me to work on balance and control... and then sell fairly quickly.


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