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Thread: First sport(ier) bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trials View Post
    No, who said that your Honda dealer?
    As I am shelling more than this guy's whole budget on mild repairs of my Diavel, it is definitely not an urban legend And no, I couldn't do it myself, the mechanic has showm me the tools he made himself to work on Mazrocchi forks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asp125 View Post
    Yup, I don't know how the extra 90cc's of the new bike change its character, but my 675 ST-R is great hooligan inducing fun. Snappy throttle and great brakes with a comfy ride all day (hoon all day?) ergonomics.
    Yea you know I'm EXTREMELY hesitant to call any motorcycle "the best" at anything. Too many variables to complete that equation. But man.........I dunno. If there's a better street fighter out there I've not yet found it. They had to pry the bike from my hands yesterday as I refused to let go 😎 If (and that's a bit of a big if) the RS was a tad lower in height I'd of traded my Monster for it hands down and on the spot yesterday. I "get" the geometry of a slightly taller bike is what makes the Triple do what it does (and I absolutely could manage) but wish it was an inch shorter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post
    Life's short.....stand by
    Uh-oh! .... Pics or it didn't happen!
    When life throws you curves, aim for the apex
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post
    ...It may be the worlds best street fighter (it IS the worlds best street fighter) but as a step up from a mid powered cruiser?'d be a whole lotta Rosie from there. Simply one of the best motorcycles out there right now and hands down.
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    OP~ If you find yourself "bored" with any motorcycle, then your mindset isn't where it needs to be. Any motorcycle (that runs) can be an absolute hoot to ride. Yes, especially a dinky little XR 75.

    Also, if you are quantifying your decision by thinking you are a large powerful human, this tells me you don't feel the need to "respect" a smaller/lighter/less powerful motorcycle. Nothing can be further from the truth. First time I witnessed this was during my college days. My instructor (Machine Tool Tech) is/was a mountain of a man (Grizzley Adams type), he wanted to learn to ride. Me and one of his colleagues (Jackpine enduro rider) had him on a Honda 175 twin out on the parking lot on Saturday. This was about 1980 or so. He fell during his training. Not hurt, but he didn't respect the small lightweight motorcycle. His comment was "Hell, I could lift that bike over my head." I have no doubt.

    Fast forward a few years, I see him riding a new Goldwing. I see the license plate frame that says, "My wife liked the color."

    He tells me he went to the dealership, saw the red Goldwing, told his wife to go visit the dealership and look at the "red" goldwing. (A different color red.) That Saturday, they both go to the dealership, he's standing by one red Goldwing, and she's standing by a different "red" goldwing! LOL!

    Ironically, that same parking lot now offers motorcycle training on the weekends thru Lee Parks' Total Control!

    Trying to remember what we did back then. It was mostly starting off and braking.
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