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Thread: 2007 Triumph Rocket III Ad Campaign :lol:

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    2007 Triumph Rocket III Ad Campaign :lol:

    Someone posted a link to this in our company HipChat channel for Motorcycling. Of course, I had to share it here.

    '02 Shadow Spirit 750 - The R-Honda TRADED IN
    '07 BMW F800 ST - Eyegor TRADED IN
    '17 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT - Phantom

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    That was awesome!
    We are ROFL.

    Thank you for that, we are reposting as well.
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    Hysterical! I love it!
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    Now this very weird. I saw 3 of these today, all black with white stripes. They looked good, I never really saw one that stood out before. Now I come here and see this. Hmmm...
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    Rocket3 has been dropped from production.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NORTY View Post
    Rocket3 has been dropped from production.
    Had they done something about that cancerous growth under the left side of the tank they might have sold better.

    Seriously, the vast majority of Triumph file photos & mag pics avoided capturing that side of the bike.
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