A friend of mine donated a couple of slightly used Grip Puppies for me to try. I put one pair on the Ninja and the other on the Ducati.

If you follow the instructions it's takes all of 30 seconds. Easy peasy. There may or may not be further trimming needed depending on the bikes grip diameter. I didn't trim for either install but if they become permanent I'd say a 1/4 of an inch is all that'd be needed. My first observations are they're noticeably wider (at first alarmingly so). They look good. They're not visually invasive and don't appear "tacked on". They do, as advertised, provide for a softer feel. Not ginormously so but certainly you can feel a bit of give. With my gloves on the provide for a completely different tactile response. Tough to describe. Tacky and sticky are not the right words. Somewhere between tackier and grippier, but very, very noticeable

My conclusions are grandly divided based on each of my bikes. In either case I wouldn't invest in them if a softer feel is the only agenda. They're a bit spongier but not enough to make a tangible change. I really love em on the Ninja. Obvisiouly the Ninja is all about constant throttle control to keep it in its sweet spot and I feel the Grip Puppies do a great job of widening the diameter thus making "yanking" the thing around noticeably easier. Also and as I mentioned with both of my riding gloves it's sticky, or tacky, or grippier (something along those lines). All really positive changes and I'm sure they'll stay on the little machine. Two thumbs up.

On the Ducati however they simply became a crash waiting to happen. That throttle is already a powder-keg and the extra grip and extra diameter just sent it's sensitivity sailing over the moon. The Grip Puppies probably would have been great on the S1000r with it's luxurious roll on but with the snatchy, snorty Ducati it's a palpable liability. I pulled em off directly after my ride yesterday as a second test ride with these ain't never gonna happen. In the end I suspect these (assuming the right bike) are a great $20.00 find and worth the effort. Maybe not so much if you dealing with a particularly snatchy motorbike.