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Thread: Nicky Hayden injured in bicycling collision

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    Written by someone else in another forum . . . Perfectly explains why he has always been one of my favorites and that of so many other people everywhere.

    Remember the time Nicky was in rehab?

    Remember the time Nicky was involved with drugs?

    Remember the time Nicky was involved in that domestic abuse incident?

    Remember the time Nicky was caught cheating?

    Remember the time Nicky was caught saying disparaging things about the USA?

    Remember the time Nicky was badmouthing other racers?

    Remember the time Nicky was throwing temper tantrums because things didn't go his way in a particular race?

    Remember the time Nicky was disrespecting law enforcement?

    Remember the time Nicky embarrassed himself and the rest of his family by acting like a complete idiot/asshole?

    Remember the time Nicky acted like a pompous, self absorbed douche?
    ..........yeah, me neither. There are racers with more wins, titles, championships, etc. than Nicky, but I doubt you'll ever find one with more grace, class, honesty and all around 'good guy' qualities.
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    Several years ago a band I was in played a lot of shows at a small club in Owensboro. It wasn't uncommon for 1 or all of the brothers to stop by and hang out. Everybody knew them and they just hung out like they were best friends with everyone in the room. Couldn't find nicer folks to be around.

    RIP #69. You'll be missed.

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