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Thread: Kabuto Ibuki modular helmet- outstanding closeout find

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    Kabuto Ibuki modular helmet- outstanding closeout find

    I've read a lot of good things about this helmet, which I found on eBay for 160 shipped. So I pulled the trigger on it, and it's a whole new experience compared to my first helmet, equivalent to the Bilt Apollo.

    The Kabuto Ibuki is said to be in the same class as the higher-end modulars, for a whole lot less money. Think HJC, Shoei and Schuberth (!)

    Received it a few days ago. Metallic Shiny Black, not my first choice, but just finding one of these in my size (medium) at this price, I rolled with it. It's a feature rich environment.

    The shell is a lightweight multi-layer composite, molded to minimize wind turbulence. Very nice fit and finish. The top vents are large and super easy to find and operate. The chin strap uses a ratchet system with a dual action release mechanism; it still has a D-ring for locking the helmet to your bike. The modular front releases easily with a lever on the left side, strongly detents in its raised position, and closes securely over two large pins. There is no creaking noise when operating the front. The visor is strongly detented, thick and clear, is Pinlock ready, and they included a Pinlock insert. It has a dark inner visor that raises and lowers smoothly via a cable system, and it can be adjusted for desired position. The inner visor is replaceable, mirrored lenses are available. Chin curtain comes installed, breath guard comes in the box.

    The interior padding is Coolmax, strongly wicking and antimicrobial, and it has a nice feel to it. The pad design allows for the use of eyeglasses without smashing them against your head; provided you put the glasses on after the helmet is on. The padding includes removable inserts for a comm system. The fit is a snug intermediate oval, the padding feels plush yet firm. At the bottom rear of the neck roll there are two reflectors for conspicuity.

    Test wearing, there were no pressure points, but I felt a little squished, especially the cheek pads which had me biting the insides of my cheeks just a bit.

    The first ride with it was on a cool damp night after a lot of rain. This new helmet was so good, it was disorienting. It's very quiet; it's much harder to hear the bike, and what's going on around me. Wind noise at speed was greatly diminished, and there wasn't a huge difference in noise level between visor opened and closed, except when closed some fogging was experienced because the Pinlock insert wasn't installed. The breath guard was installed, but it's too small to have much effect keeping the visor clear. On the slab, some muffled wind noise was experienced, but far far less than the old helmet, which had a LOT of noise when the visor was closed.

    The ventilation is kind of jekyll and hyde. The top vents, front and rear, are huge and they move a lot of air through the top of the helmet. The chin vent is easy to operate but the airflow from it is hardly noticable; this is my only gripe about the helmet.

    Second ride, with the Pinlock installed. I became more accustomed to the helmet, and it became more comfortable, but the quietness with earplugs is still disconnecting me from the environment a bit; the Pinlock insert kept the visor fog free, but added a bit of optical distortion to the visor. The big difference that I'm observing is, it's comfortable to ride with the visor down; the old helmet was extremely noisy with the visor closed at speed. This was a longer ride and I was very pleased with the helmet. At the end of this ride, though, my Connie developed a leaky radiator hose so now that bike is in the garage with the plastics off awaiting repair.

    So today out comes the 454, a sort of acid test for the quietness of this helmet, the 454 is much louder and high revving that the Connie. Tonight's extended ride to work was a whole different experience wearing the Kabuto. Way, way quieter ride than with the old helmet. The sun was out today, and I found the inner visor to be sufficiently dark, and easy to deploy. It comes down without hitting me in the nose, something that was so annoying on the old lid that I had to modify the inner shield with a grinding tool. My nose stuck out from behind it like a thumb after that.

    Bottom line, a great piece of kit, if you can find one, especially for 160 shipped
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    Interesting! Thanks for posting. Had never heard of them before.
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    The problem I've found with close-out helmets is that, even if they're pretty good, you can't buy a replacement if needed.

    At least you know this one is on close-out and availability is limited. I usually find out when I go to reorder a replacement that the manufacturer hadn't made the helmet for over a year after I bought the first one...

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    Pretty good prices!

    A local shop carries Kabuto.. I tested one and it was probably on par with HJC and Scorpion in terms of weight & quality.
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