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Thread: CB500F and the like

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    That's the one!

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    For what it's worth; my MV Agusta is pretty good on gravel roads

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNDROB View Post
    I will. I made some assumptions (we all know what that means) they they would be more expensive and more expensive to maintain... Before i do too much digging what are your thoughts? I'm already a bit over budget....
    Something like 2008-2009 XCountry can be had for around $4000, same for G650GS of similar vintage. I had one for a while, found it boring and replaced, but now keep coming back to the thought of owning one again. I think they are more satisfying to ride than Versuses and VStroms.
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    Funny how things work out. I’ll start by saying that I’m a faith guy and try to check in with God on things but of curse sometimes my flesh takes front row and gets me in trouble.
    I had made my decision; it was going to be the 2015 Versys650 for my first bike. This hunt had started out looking for a low cost bike to “get started and make possible mistakes with” kind of thing. I went to my bank yesterday to pull out the $2k for a down payment at the local Motorsport. On the way to the bank I got that really uneasy feeling but I pressed through it anyway. I get in my truck and start to back out and someone is driving down the lane towards me. Quick check of the rear view mirror and the space directly behind me appears to be open so I rush it a bit and “bam” this very short, older, beater of a Toyota was so low I couldn’t see it over the tailgate. This car can’t be worth $1,000, the sweet young thing who owned it was standing on the sidewalk and watched it all happen.
    I pull back into my spot, exchange info. No damage to my truck but she’s very likely to get enough out of it for a nice upgrade.
    I drive away asking for a little guidance because I was apparently headed down the wrong path.
    Stick with me, it’s a little long but I think you are going to like the ending!
    I have an older Jeep Cherokee that doesn’t run and I don’t have the will to battle with it anymore. Been sitting that way for quite some time so my wife says that I can get a bike after the Jeep is gone. I put the non-running Jeep on Craigslist for $800 and the second email I get asked if I’d consider trading for a motorcycle……
    As of now, I am on track to be rid of the jeep and a new owner of a good running 1986 Honda Magna 750. He sent me a video of it running, turning it off and restarting. Looks like I’ll be putting that $2k back in the bank, rid of the eyesore and owner of a pretty fast cruiser. Now I’m sure there will be things that it needs but right now I’m pretty excited about the entire thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNDROB View Post
    As of now, I am on track to be rid of the jeep and a new owner of a good running 1986 Honda Magna 750.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinder View Post
    You just made my Honda loving Honda mechanic husband cringe.....
    The 80's v4's were not good engines, the 750 was probably worse than the 500.
    AZ remembers right, lots of cam chain tensioner and cam issues.
    So yes, expect to do engine work on a regular basis, and yes, they are difficult to work on.
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