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Thread: Winter commuting

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    Winter commuting

    I've a new vlog on winter commuting. Feedback welcomed.

    - Wolf

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    That's not winter.... Of course, that's pretty much the same weather we've had out here in the Chicago area. Record set for both January and February with no (official, measurable) snow fall, then we got whacked in March. Sort of. I almost could have left the Concours out this year, but the XT has better winter tires.

    Have you seen Aerostich "Zero below Zero" blog? They sent a hard copy of it with my last order. No video, but lots of people riding a Zero FX "every day" last winter, in Duluth, to see if it could be done. It's a decent ad for their gear (which is why they're giving it away with purchases) and the Zero under adverse conditions (which is why Zero let them borrow one).

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    It's been a mild reason this year too in the Philly area. Being from upstate New York, and having live outside of Chicago and in Massachusetts winters in Philly are pretty tame, but every so often we get nailed by a Nor'Easter. Thanks for posting the link on
    e-bike riding in freezing weather. Thought I had it tough but if they ride all year long -- respect.

    - Wolf


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