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Thread: Total noob here... did I do good?

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    Maybe I should restate the privious post. Instead of "closed" lets use the word "utilized".
    Anyway, improper choke use may foul the plugs, wash the oil off the cylinder walls, and reduce fuel mileage.
    Now, back to the issue of idling ok but throttle use stalls the engine.
    You may want to seek an independent shop instead of a factory authorized dealership.
    If you can, remove the spark plugs first to see if the plug is brown/oily/soot filled/black. Or just post up a close up picture and then we can "read it" for you.
    Be sure to get the same brand & # as is on the plugs now. Or, check with NGK or Champion sparkplug cross reference for the proper plugs for your bike. You want to know the "gap" needed for your engine. It'll be something like ".030" or some such number. To simplify things, we just say "gap is 30". Meaning 30 thousandths of an inch.
    (I doubt it's 30. I just used that for illustration purposes.)
    Sparkplugs can be bought at any auto parts store or Walmart or Kmart or...
    Lastly, join a forum that specializes in your model of motorcycle. There is no larger pool of specific intelligence regarding a partiular model. This goes for anything mechanical. (Cars/trucks/bicycles/sewing machines/etc.etc.etc.
    Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

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    Okay, so I'll try to check the spark plugs then. I have at least one independent local shop in mind that claims to have a lot of experience with older Hondas, so I might just go to them depending on the financial aspect. I'm not sure how would I measure or even define the gap? What exactly is measured?

    My main area of confusion is that because there is no label on the choke lever, and because I seem to have found conflicting information from a few sources, I don't know for certain which position of the choke is "open" and which is "closed". I understand that it's enrichment and not a conventional airflow choke.

    Is the position that raises the RPMs most likely to be the "utilized"/"closed" position?

    Again, I immensely appreciate all the help

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    Still can't figure out the choke positions. No info anywhere I search online.

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    This is a link to a forum discussing this issue. It seems you are not the only one.

    It is interesting that someone commented that the lever can be reversed in service. Therefore, the only way to figure out your bike would be to figure it out yourself.

    My Harley and KLX idle faster when choked. The DRZ idles faster when choked unless it is well warmed up, then it stalls when choked.

    The Harley and KLX almost always require the choke to start unless very warm. The DRZ will start without the choke if it has been ridden within a day or two. That is summer in Florida. Probably different when colder.
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