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Thread: BMW R1200GS ... the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles(?) ... 2005 vs 2015

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    The thing the GS has over the KLR650 on the road is stability. And the thing the KLR650 has over the DRZ400 is also ... road stability. And the DRZ400 has stability over the ... KTM 500. Some of that is the bike's geometry ... and some is weight.

    The first few times out on the road on the feather-weight KTM the bike felt ... squirrely. But I am reminded of something the designer of one of the most famous aerobatic biplanes ever, the Pitts Special, said ... "There are no squirrely airplanes ... just squirrely pilots..." On closer examination I found when I accelerated on the KTM I tended to "hang on" to the handlebars as my body was pushed back ... and that was the cause of the bike's oscillation ... Handlebars are made for steering ... not hanging on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OBX-RIDER View Post
    Incidentally ... I pulled a set of Bridgestone Trailwings off my DRZ shortly after I got it ... but it was replacing a Baja Design's dual sport kitted XR400 ( a really fun off-road play bike by the way)... . I even run dirt oriented TKC80s on my porky KLX650c ...
    WAIT A DADGUM MINUTE! You have an XR400 modded by Baja Designs AND a KTM EXC 500? Dang, I shoulda went out to visit you in Arizona! (If nothing else but to ride a wheelie as Teri has never seen me do an "every gear 1 mile clicker.)
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