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Thread: Beginning Offroading after a double hip replacement ....

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    Beginning Offroading after a double hip replacement ....

    Sooo about 5 years ago my wife Gigi found herself needing both hips replaced. She was still riding 2-up with me on long rides but getting on and off my ST was becoming a problem. She had them both done simultaneously ... and a couple of months later we pulled our Toy Hauler from North Carolina to a vast parcel of BLM land in the Sonoran desert near Quartzsite, AZ.

    I brought 2 bikes. A 2005 BMW R1200GS and a 2001 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa. We planned to meet up with a couple of Canucks we had only corresponded with through ADVRIDER forum, Carl and Kathi. Carl had ridden a bit of trials, had raced enduros and had extensive motorcycle touring experience. Gigi warned me that just because Carl was friendly with me did not mean she would get along with Kathi and she did not like the ugly Sherpa and I was not to bug her to ride it ... but she would go on rides 2-up on the very ugly BMW ... .

    Carl has a DR350 with a modified suspension and Kathi an XT225. Long story short ... Kathi and Gigi hit it off like long lost sisters ... and Kathi's love of riding offroad is contagious. Gigi also discovered she could find more desert wildflowers and 'pretty rocks' riding than she could walking ... They 'formed' the Quartzsite Motorcycle Club (women only) with Kathi as president and Gigi as vice president.

    Kathi is the sort that would "try" to ride off a cliff or up one. Gigi is less aggressive ... still they have both steadily improved. And they make a good team, encouraging each other as they've progressed.

    Their motorcycles have proven to be just about perfect. If a long desert ride takes them near a road and it's late ... the licence tag lets them jump on a highway and roar home. And the low seat height allows solid footing building confidence. I find them far superior offroad than the KLR650 too many would be "adventure bikers" start with... (About the only bike less dirt worthy for beginner is a r1200GS ... ) and unfortunately end with. These bikes weigh about 270 lbs wet compared to around 400 for the KLR.

    Both of the girl's bikes have real offroad worthy tires, Pirelli Mt-21s on the Sherpa and Dunlop 606s on the XT. The only other mod is handlebar risers on Kathi's.

    Both bikes have proven tough. (The first year Gigi's method of stopping was to fall over...) About all that has been done to them is change the oil/oil filter and add gas.

    The rest of the regular Quartzsite crew...from left Carl, Gigi, Kathi and our very frequent visitor and super skilled friend Neil. (Neil rode trials for years training under riders like Ryan Young, raced desert enduros, and rides onroad about 20,000 miles a year) (we get frequent visitors the whole time we are here...and Gigi always offers her bike to visitors ... )

    Sooo if you are thinking "only if I had started offroad riding when I was young ..." think about a 60 something woman who didn't start offroad until after a double hip replacement and her formerly ugly little Super Sherpa ("it has the most beautiful gold rims and it leaps big rocks... ")
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