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Thread: MotoGP and WSBK - 2016

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    Binder was the most dominant rider I've seen in that class in a while. I did enjoy both Lowes and Rossi's demonstration of taking and keeping the lead in the other two classes. I have to admit in Moto2 and Moto3 it was nice to see someone besides a Spaniard or an Italian win and Lowes is proof you can come from somewhere other than the European Red Bull cup program and win...

    The US badly needs some wealthy sponsor(s) to take promising riders and get them into that program though ... Watching the likes of Navarro, Bulega and Baganaia in that race makes that clear ..
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    The 2017 silly season is starting early . . . We already know that Rossi has new contract with Yamaha and Lorenzo is going to Ducati.

    The latest is that Jonas Folger is moving up from Moto2 to ride for Tech3 Yamaha. Lots of talk about whether Viņales will stay with Suzuki or move to Yamaha or smoother team and Pedrosa possibly leaving Honda after all these years and going to Yamaha. Still unknown if it will be Dovi or Iannone or both that will get bumped from Ducati.
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    I heard about Dani going to Yamaha...
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    If Iannone wants to keep his ride at Ducati he better try and finish a few more races. Right now I'd say Dovi is the better risk ... especially if Ducati wants a team championship. Word is the current Ducati is much easier to ride than the one it seems only Stoner could win on.

    I don't quite get the Folger thing. Lowes and Rins are more interesting but I guess Aprilia has Lowes tied up thru 2018. I will be surprised if Lowes doesn't win the Moto2 championship this year. Of course the Moto2 to GP move is pretty daunting with the 2 bikes having so little electronic wizardry.

    Right now the most interesting rider in the whole deal is South African Brad Binder. His ride at Jerez in Moto3 was stunning ... last to first at a pace that placed him as a definite Alien ...

    I'll believe Pedrosa to Yamaha only when the ink is dry ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OBX-RIDER View Post

    I'll believe Pedrosa to Yamaha only when the ink is dry ...
    I'm there with you, except even if the ink is dry, I won't believe it until he starts a race on board the Yamaha. He's been very loyal to the Repsol team and although he hasn't won a championship in MotoGP, he is pretty consistent when he's not injured. Ha - I never thought I'd say anything that makes it sound like I like Pedrosa.
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    Dorna (owner of MotoGP) being a Spanish company and Repsol a Spanish company and Dani a Spaniard ... I see little chance of him going to Yamaha. He can be a phenomenally good rider ... when he isn't hurt. His biggest problem seems he is a second half of the season winner ... He needs to get on it out of the gate earlier. Unlike the 'popular' conception he 'suffers' from his light weight in the first laps of the race ...

    Lorenzo is tearing LeMans up in free practice ... only rider yet in the 1:32s and a half second faster than Marc and a full second faster than Valentino. LeMans is definitely one of his favorite tracks ... I'm only half buying Marquez's new maturity and the go for the championship attitude. Might be a great place for Jorge to bait Marc into over riding and crashing ... Of course we'll have to see in qualifying tomorrow who really has the charge on. I would be stunned to not see Rossi greatly improve his current 10th place standings ...
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    Qualifying on beIN TV 2 p.m. pacific.

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    Some good racing today with one disappointment. Still a lot of paint traded ... but none of it out and out dirty ... just hard racing. Seriously a MotoGP video subscription is cheaper and better than any loud pipe ever made ... especially on a rainy day like today was here ... Moto3 and Moto2 are highly entertaining ...
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    Those last few corners were amazing racing! Looks like Honda's going to need more downforce to keep the front wheel down.
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    Three great races today. Shame about Rossi and Fenati. Moto 2 and 3 were the best in a long time.


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