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Thread: The "ignore list"

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    Who's this Tom dude ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claire View Post
    Who's this Tom dude ...
    More like who's this Claire chick...
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    Ignore list is a wonderful device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NORTY View Post
    Ignore list is a wonderful device.
    Think so too...
    There are difference in not willing to address any discussion than to want to avoid to answer to provocateurs...follow my,

    It is indeed not so important, but the ignore button a good tool, used in many other Forums, and which has proven to be successful in avoiding any sort of escalating dumb word battle which are only annoying the others...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chench53 View Post
    So, I ignored my husband, ha ha, it let me do that.
    That's called marriage.
    Quote Originally Posted by bikebitsmall View Post
    64 is not old, we have one poster here at 110
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCrash View Post
    A body not rattling was a body unsure.


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