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Thread: Risk of Death Statistics

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    Wow, lots of helpful and informative comments! Thanks!!

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    Awesome articles! Maybe a little slanted to the good side but alot of good info regarding riding safe. Besides, we need to see some positive write-ups now and again.
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    OP~ Don't obsess over statistics. As others have stated, get trained & protected, and practice.
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    Back in the 70s, one Dr. Hurt released his report on motorcycle safety. In it, he found two of the most important things a rider can do to increase safety,statistically speaking, are to avoid riding in major urban centres, and to obtain a valid motorcycle license. The first is kinda obvious, but the second...well, although a license doesn't have magic safety properties, it does indicate a certain attitude, one of taking riding seriously--and that DOES help.

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    I just skimmed.

    My son started riding when he was 4, racing when he was 7, riding as a street passenger at 6 and riding his own street bike at 15.5. He's 18 now and rides a Bandit 1250S.

    Get the kids training and proper gear. It's a wonderful family activity.

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    My 16YO is booked for the MSF class at the end of august, and my 14YO putts around on his little XR100 (which is really tiny under his 6' frame now! anyone want to buy an XR100?). 14YO is just counting days until he can get his cycle permit.

    Like SxyRdr said - it is a great thing to do with your sons. Gear up, take some classes, and enjoy it. Maybe try offroad for a while (your bikes will do nicely) and some adventure riding. You don't have to be a street rider to be a motorcyclist.

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