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Thread: can't upload pic directly - "quota full"

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    can't upload pic directly - "quota full"

    Chaz/guitardad has to upload photos to flikr from his phone and then use his laptop to post photos.

    According to the site, he has filled is allotment of photo storage. But, he can't figure out where he's got any photos stored?

    We've both been "playing" the photo tag game. I can snap a pic and upload via Tapatalk, immediately, but he's got to go through this multi step process. Can anybody figure this out?

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    The two likely suspects are "attachments" or picture albums in his profile.

    To access and delete attachments: click forum actions -> edit profile -> attachments (Deleting these will remove those images from the posts they are in)
    To access and delete photos from albums: click community -> albums

    The best way to post images is to upload them somewhere else and then embed them using the IMG tags.
    NOTE: As I recall, when using the insert image icon, the pop-up sometimes defaults to the "from computer" tab, make sure you switch tabs to "from URL."

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