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    +1, dry bags and compression bags let you pack a lot of stuff in a little space. But forget about keeping anything wrinkle free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asp125 View Post
    +1, dry bags and compression bags let you pack a lot of stuff in a little space. But forget about keeping anything wrinkle free.
    It's a motorcycle. What kind of space can you possibly have that would let you keep things wrinkle free? I can't keep things wrinkle free in my dresser drawers and closet!
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    Tents? We don't need no steenking tents!

    (note the tiny non-tent at the center of tent city)

    You will find things to fill the space available:

    (no space)

    (2-up, both saddlebags and the E52 were full, and we still had stuff strapped to the top).

    A couple of actually worthwhile notes:
    -Vibram 5-fingers pack down as small or smaller than flip-flops.
    -2-up, you can get two rectangular sleeping bags and zip them together into one large unit. They don't pack down well at all though (most of the 52l topcase in the picture above was full of those 2 sleeping bags). Separate, actually stuffable bags are much preferred for packing, but may be less preferred by your pillion. Plan accordingly.
    -The travel-size toiletries are smaller for packing. They also contain less material to clean off of the other items in their shared bag should they leak.
    -Wet-wipes / baby-wipes. Because.

    Of course now 'motorcycle camping' involves loading the entire motorcycle into the back of the trailer and towing a house on wheels somewhere. I would prefer to just ride, but that requires extended babysitting. Of course my mom does retire at the end of this school year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxieman View Post
    Tents? We don't need no steenking tents!.
    I can sometimes get by with just a hammock! I have seen some nice ones that are like tents with zippered mesh canopies over them, the problem with those is that they take up the same amount of space as a tent when they are packed. Check this one out: http://www.lightweightmotorcyclecamp...b01345tr92.htm

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    hammock camping is awesome for foul weather, just as long as you have lots of trees or maybe a cliff and a bunch of those bolt things.

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    If its storming I always worry about one of the trees I'm attached to getting hit by lightning if I'm in a hammock. For fowl weather I prefer a tent...ok honestly, for foul weather I prefer a hotel...LOL


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