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Thread: Winter Preparation

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    Winter Preparation

    So, I live in Minnesota and thus had to put the bike away quite a while ago, (mid November) and when originally putting it away, it was suggested to me by another rider to put a fluid known as stable into it. Is this advised? Are there other products that would be wise to consider for winter storage? Since I hadn't originally put anything in, or done anything for my bike before the winter, will it be damaged due to the cold?

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    As long as you've got a good anti-freeze mix in the radiator and not just straight water, the cold in and of itself shouldn't hurt the bike. The Sta-bil is recommended to treat to fuel so it doesn't turn to varnish in small orifices (like the carbs or inside the fuel pump or injectors on a fuel-injected bike). It's really more for dealing with what happens when the fuel sits for long periods than dealing with the cold specifically. Putting some in now and running the bike for a couple of minutes to warm it up and make sure the solution gets into the entire fuel system wouldn't hurt.

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    If you're going to put the Sta-bil in now, the main problem is that it won't mix as well as it would if you put it in, THEN filled the tank. You need to slosh it around some. If your tank is not full, you can mix the Sta-bil in with fresh gas, and add that to the tank.

    On running it - yes, you need to get the Sta-bil into your fuel system, and the untreated gas out. Start it, but run it long enough to bring EVERYTHING up to temperature, including the oil and muffler. Then bring the throttle up high enough to move any accumulated moisture in the muffler along towards the discharge.

    Problems result from starting/stopping the motor during storage because you introduce moisture into the system, but do not give it time to boil off. It takes about 20 minutes of idling to get the oil up to temp on most bikes I've owned.

    This is why many people do NOT recommend starting the bike every few weeks if it is in storage. Put your chemicals in at the last fill-up, change the oil, ride back to storage, and put it away hot.... Put the battery on a tender-type charger (disconnect it if you REALLY want to protect it), and leave it sit until you're ready to start riding it regularly again.

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    Remember, if your local fuel contains some percentage of Ethanol, then make sure you get the correct Sta-bil for it. You either want the blue Marine grade which is designed to handle the alcohol, or make very sure the Sta-bil you buy clearly states it is for Ethanol fuels.

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    I'm going to move this thread to Maintenance and Repair.

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