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Thread: "Best" Sounding Motorcycle...

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    Cool "Best" Sounding Motorcycle...

    What is the best sounding motorcycle model, to you?
    I like unusual sounds.

    1. Honda RC166

    2. CBX w/6 into 1

    3. Ducati Desmosedici

    4. Vincent Black Shadow

    5. Suzuki RG 500 Gamma

    6. Yamaha TY750

    7. Yamaha YZ 465

    8. Honda CT 70 (uncorked, of course!)

    9. Benelli Sei

    10. Triumph's triples

    11. What say you?

    It doesn't have to be the loudest. Just the "best" in your opinion.
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    I have no idea. I like I6 engines. I love the sound of an unmuffled VW 8V - it sounds like half of a V8. They are admittedly weird little motors, torquey and fun to drive. You put a dual downpipe on them with a glaspack or an unpacked oval muffler and it's called The Voice of God. Just the downpipe and you can give the loud pipes crowd a run for their money. Actually, you can scare the living poop out of them.


    I have no idea what bike sounds good. They sound different when you sit on them, and I like to sit on them, so the sound when I am not sitting on them is not so important to me.
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    As I get older...hmmm...I'm kinda liking the idea of the electric bike sound...

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    Mechdziner's (from here on the board) VFR-800 - that thing sounds freakin' awesome
    Aprillia RSV4 Factory - again, something about a v4
    R1 bouncing of the rev limiter - makes me smile
    The 500 2-stroke GP bikes - again, makes me smile

    I'm sure there's more, but thats a good start.

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    Love the banshee howl of the CBX, and the wail of an I4 supersport at 14krpm, but also the growl of a Ducati twin with Termi carbon pipes (or Remus in my case). My VFR sounded pretty authoritative with an aftermarket Delkevic exhaust (the gutted stock can made it sound like a NASCAR). Currently I like the whine of my Street Triple with Arrows pipes, and the bark of my Thruxton's D&D pipes.

    Come to think of it, they all sound good. As long as you have the right combination of pipes to motor. What sounds like a$$ are the loud pipe guys who stick just any old can on their I4 or their cruiser - raspy tinny or blaaatttt like sheep.
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    I also have a CB-1 that sounds like an F1 car.

    Barber has a KawH2 that was originally a triple 750cc 2 stroke that has an additional 2 cylinders making it 1250CC 2 stroke. Freaking wicked sounding that thing is.
    The whir of gear driven cams makes me giddy.

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    Give me my thumper....savage 650!! 😁

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    I liked the sound of my Savage. I looooove the sound of my Triumph Legend. Yamaha Vstar 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Afflo
    ... and all that promise of power just sorta evaporated into the clattery, hoary sound of disappointment.

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    Soundtracks don't do any live bike justice, but this will give you a rough idea of what my bike sounds like when you are going through the gears

    < test starts at about 1:20 in

    :I you tell me if it belongs on the list.


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