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Thread: Share your recipes or cooking tips!

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    I've never boiled ribs either. But I do make sure to cut the membrane off. I typically coat them in a layer of yellow mustard (it doesn't add flavor just makes the rub stick) and whatever dry rub I'm using at the time. Leave them in the fridge overnight and then set them out a few hours to come up to room temperature before they go on the smoker @ 225*. I also spray them with apple cider vinegar before they go on and then every 30-60 minutes while they're smoking (time varies with how the smoker us running, if it wants to run hot it's more frequent and vice versa). When they have about an hour or so left, I wrap them in foil, spray them again, and put it back on to finish.

    I love good sauces, so I'm not anti-wet ribs. So if I'm going to do wet, I usually pull the ribs out of the foil, brush on the sauce, and throw them back in the smoker for about 30 more minute to caramelize the sauce a little. Note, when planning to do this, I put them in the foil a little sinner.

    Like Koot said, I like tender ribs, but I want to be able to bite into the meat. If want fall apart tender, I do pulled pork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KACinPA View Post
    On another note I am going to make some hummus today. I take chic peas - 2 12oz cans (yes from a can...But I have been in the company that does the canning and I know they treat food right) and put them in a food processor. Add a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and chop them until somewhat chunky, add roasted red peppers and roasted garlic and turn the processor on continuous, add a couple tablespoons of tahini, a shot of toasted sesame oil and olive oil to get to the right consistency. It needs to sit for several hours in the fridge for the flavor to come out, so you may need to dump it back in the Cuisinart to adjust the flavor if it is lacking.

    I got some whole wheat pitas to "go with" so this will be our snack tonight.
    Keith, have you tried roasting up the chickpeas a bit? Todd did that the other day. Tossed the chickpeas with some olive oil and minced garlic, spread them out in a thin layer in the pan and roasted them off. Luckily he thought ahead that they might dry out a little bit so he had saved some of the chickpea liquid to add back in while pureeing it all.

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    Huh... guess I never put this up... I just whipped up something similar for dinner and came here to double check (knowing I didn't have wine this time)...

    We had crab legs and shrimp one night at the beach. Believe it or not, we actually had some leftovers. We also had some left over unsauced pasta from a baked pasta dish that someone else made a couple of days earlier. So for lunch the one day... on a whim, I tried this and it turned out really good.

    Melted some butter in a pan, sauteed some onion and garlic in it. While that was sauteing, I nuked some of the pasta with a touch of water to reheat it.

    I added some chopped tomato and some of the crab meat into the saute pan and let that heat up. Seasoned with salt, pepper and creole seasoning and a splash of white wine to deglaze the pan. Added a pat of butter to make a slightly creamier "sauce." Then I had some leftover baby spinach that I tossed into the pan just to wilt. Tossed in the reheated pasta and mixed well.

    Tasty concoction!

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    Surf & turf --- 16oz each of filet mignon (marinade for 3 days in Italian dressing, Lawry's mesquite, chopped/grilled garlic/peppers/onion/mushroom, wine or whiskey of your choice) and Nicaraguan lobster tail, washed down with Bordeaux and Riesling.

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    For those who are trying to be a little healthier but are missing out on their pancake fix.... have you tried using Paleo pancakes as a base? I've been doing this lately and I've had pancakes almost every weekend.

    Basic Paleo Pancake is 1 egg and 1 small-medium banana mashed together. That's it.

    What I've been playing with is:
    use 1/2 cup greek yogurt instead of a banana
    adding a TBSP of homemade almond butter (no sugar!)
    adding 1/4 cup old fashioned rolled oats (not paleo friendly but I'm not eating paleo, just using it as a basis)
    adding 1/2 to 1 scoop of whey protein powder to increase the protein count

    I was thinking about making blueberry pancakes this morning but I ran out of blueberries yesterday. So instead, I opted for chocolate pancakes (banana, egg, TBSP almond butter, TBSP cocoa powder, 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein). Not the most successful but that might have been because I had a large banana so it was a tad bit too wet of a batter.

    My sis-in-law is a personal trainer with some training as a nutritionist. She often just makes pancakes from greek yogurt, egg, almond milk and oats. I've done that, too, and it works well.

    And of course, use real maple syrup, not that fake crap that is completely unhealthy and tastes like chemicals.

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    So for Easter Sunday, I was tasked with bringing a dessert to the family gathering. With my sugar sensitivity and knowing a few of the other family members also watch what they eat, I searched the internet for some ideas. I found 3 potential recipes for "lighter" desserts and took bits/pieces from each, made some minor changes to come up with a dessert that everyone really liked and got tons of praise:

    Blueberry Cream Tart with a Nut Crust

    1 cup of mixed raw nuts, leaning towards cashews and walnuts because of their "creamier" nature
    1 cup old fashioned rolled oats
    1/4 cup sugar
    6 TBSP chilled butter, cut into pieces
    1 egg yolk

    Preheat oven to 350. Prep a 12" tart pan that has removable sides. (I don't own a tart pan so I just used my large springform pan.)
    Spread nuts in single layer on a baking sheet, roast for 10-12 mins... do not burn them!
    Put nuts, oats and sugar into food processor and make into a "flour." Drop in the butter, a piece or 2 at a time, pulsing in between. Should look like coarse meal. Add in the egg yolk and pulse to make moist clumps.
    Press mixture evenly into prepped pan. Aim for a crust about 1/4" thick. Pierce bottom in a few places with a fork. Put into freezer for 30 mins.
    Up oven to 400.
    Put crust straight from freezer into oven, bake 12-15 mins until golden.
    Allow to cool completely. (I put mine in the fridge overnight and finished assembling the tart the next morning.)

    8 oz block of reduced fat cream cheese (feel free to use regular if you want)
    1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt (use sour cream or regular or flavored yogurt in any level of fatness you want)
    1/4 cup real maple syrup
    2 cups fresh blueberries (or whatever fruit you want would probably work, too)

    Mix together the cream cheese, yogurt and maple syrup until smooth and creamy.
    Carefully spread mixture over crust (crust at room temp can be a bit delicate).
    Sprinkle blueberries all over the top and press into the cream cheese mixture slightly.
    Place in fridge for at least 1 hour to allow cream cheese mixture to set.


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    Got a Crockpot "slow cooker/pressure cooker/rice cooker/roaster oven" gimmicky gadget back before Christmas, and I started using it to cook things the last 10 days (no one else wants to give up their old, individual gimmicky gadgets for the combined gimmicky gadget). Beef stew with lots of vegetables, roots, and potatoes first, then a pot roast with lots of vegetables, roots, and potatoes, and today was Chicken stew (with lots of vegetables, roots, and potatoes; There's a theme going on here).

    I have learned that: The way I stacked the ingredients for the roast was sub-optimal; That what looks like the "right amount" of salt is slightly less than half what I need; Forgetting to add either soy or Worcestershire sauce is also sub-optimal; Even adding 2 pounds of potatoes isn't enough for some people; It's 1/4 cup flour to 1/2 cup juice for thickening, rather than the other way around (at least it didn't turn into a big dumpling); 8 hours at low temp is better than 4 hours at high.

    My sister asked, "How did you learn to cook this way?"
    "I'm still learning."
    "Where did you find the recipe?"
    "I looked around online at what other people used for spices, and used many of them."

    "Warning: Use of these ingredients in ways other than described in the recipe is called COOKING. Be prepared to eat the consequences!"

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    (I’d likely do it wrong, anyway!)

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    I’ll keep this thread revival alive with a great, albeit indulgent, recipe I got directly from the restaurant of whom made it famous. The restaurant is a long standing fixture located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. This recipe remains on their menu as it has since 1957 and is called Greek Spaghetti.

    Ingredients for 2:

    6 or 7-Cherry Tomatoes, halved.
    6 or 7-Baby Bella Mushrooms, Sliced, Stems on.
    1/2- Large Yellow Onion, Chopped.
    1/2- Green Pepper, Julienned.
    3 or 4. Cloves of garlic. Smashed.
    4- Thick cut Bacon Strips, cubed.
    Parmesan Cheese, Sprinkle for finishing.
    12- (or more to taste) Quality, pitted Green Olives, Halved.
    1/2- Stick, Unsalted Butter. You won’t use it all.
    1/4- Cup Olive Oil.
    1- Box of Linguine


    1) Sauté bacon until cooked but not overly crisp, drain and set aside.

    2) Prep tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green pepper, olives and collect in a large bowl. All of these will go into a skillet at the same time, no need to separate.

    3) Melt butter in a sauce pan. Half way through add smashed garlic cloves. Continue melting butter until fat separates. Skim fat off the butter (clarified). Discard fat.

    4) Add 1/4 cup Olive Oil to the clarified butter and the smashed garlic cloves. Continue heating butter/olive oil/garlic until the garlic infuses the mixture.

    5) Remove smashed garlic and discard.

    6) Start the pasta cooking to al dente. Salted water.

    7) Pre-heat skillet for vegetables.

    8 Add two tablespoons (or to taste) clarified Butter/Olive Oil.

    9) Add vegetables coating with Butter/Olive Oil mixture.

    10) Cook vegetables until sweetened but still retains some crispness.

    11) Drain pasta, curl on plate and add vegetable mixture.

    12) Top with shaved Parmesan


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