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Thread: Heading to Talladega!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBX-RIDER View Post
    Everyone has raved about the Q2 but my experience was a bit of a disappointment compared to the Michelin Power 1s I had been running previously.

    Saturday trackday 4th session running a moderate pace knee down left turn out of turn 3 VIR one moment a slight sliding moment on the pavement. I wasn't pushing, in fact I was taking it relatively easy.
    What pressures were you running for the Q2s?

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    No pics. Did this really happen?
    Quote Originally Posted by bikebitsmall View Post
    64 is not old, we have one poster here at 110
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCrash View Post
    A body not rattling was a body unsure.

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    I remember when...

    He used to post pics of his track days...
    Quote Originally Posted by Bugguts View Post
    Hey, at my age running hot and loss of spark is a common problem.
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    It Happened

    Dark thirty just before leaving Sunday evening.
    The whir of gear driven cams makes me giddy.

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    Well, everyone looks upright and happy. Whachoo holding there, mechd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZridered View Post
    What pressures were you running for the Q2s?
    Sorry I missed this, the truth is I don't remember. I usually get my pressures from the WERA board filtering thru the suggestions to a happy median leaning towards what the factory reps suggest...
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    Damn Karl won a dog ...and Dewayne won a girl!!!!

    I'm going to start racing...
    The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is gas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derick View Post
    cool thanks

    the host im using has SO many options, i finally figured out how to set up to redirect to the thats a little more smooth now. I will be upgrading to vb as soon as I can, phpbb is nice and all, but nothing beats vb and all the options it contains. enjoy the place, and spread the word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBX-RIDER View Post
    Damn Karl won a dog ...and Dewayne won a girl!!!!

    I'm going to start racing...
    WERA is experimenting with different trophies. Stephen got a 2nd in ESS Novice on the ninjette and a couple 4ths on the SV. I wish I had raced by it was a great weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl_L View Post

    Rear tire looks kinda low. I'm sure it's the picture though.
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